OnPage SEO Guide 2017 – White Hat SEO Tutorial

In this video I’ll be running you through how to optimize your site’s OnPage SEO to get even more natural traffic.
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  1. Vazrik Sh says:

    Are PBN’s still working for you? I have been not been seeing this work.

    • Charles Floate says:

      I used expired in the past, but last year+ ONLY auction, aged domains for my PBNs.

    • Vazrik Sh says:

      Charles Floate Damm.. were u always against them or recenetly?

    • Charles Floate says:

      They don’t suck, they just have a high fail rate and they don’t hold nearly as much power as a domain that has never dropped, has age and often most of my auction domains are 100 – 900 RD, which is a LOT higher than all of the expired domain PBNs most people use. You can rank very nicely off 5-15 auction PBNs but need 50 – 75 expired PBNs for the same thing.

    • Charles Floate says:

      I’m still not a fan of using expired domains and he said even with the 36 day trial, it was still 50/50 on if they worked.

    • Vazrik Sh says:

      Ivan Mršić Yea, some people say after 15 it works some say longer i just want to know Charles idea

  2. Randy Puaatuua says:

    Off the top of your head – anything notably different or updated since you released the OnPage Mastery course?

    • Charles Floate says:

      Nope, and that course gets updated, new content added and also the group is fairly active.

  3. Will Braden says:

    As far as Rich media goes. Does it matter if you own a youtube embed? For instance, if I were to make several pieces, and embed someone else’s videos across the board would it help or hurt? Obviously being in control of content is better, but maybe like a temporary idea.

  4. Jaz T says:

    Basically, the same site optimisation guide since 2000 haha 😀

  5. Michael Wasko says:

    Thanks Charles: One idea for image optimization that we could test is:

    Add more images with physical graphs and charts – that way, in your alt tag, you can literally say alt=”this is a diagram / chart on x”

    I’m sure you can image why Google would really like this (charts, diagrams, graphs could lead to “more authority”), even if it is a blatant on-page “hack”.

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