Ninja SEO Podcast #48: How To Use Your Story To Sell More | Exposure Ninja

Welcome to Exposure Ninja’s Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 48

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Our guest this week shows that whatever your story is, you can find a way to use it to grow your business and build a closeness with your audience.

Ryan Stewman has been to prison – not once but twice – and not because he forgot to pay tax. No, his offenses were related to guns and drugs.

But in this episode, you’ll hear how he’s used that background to build authenticity and discover why he’s not afraid to tell people about his past because, when presented in the right way, he knows it builds rapport.

We discuss Ryan’s pretty non-traditional approach to social media and blogging, and you’ll hear from him how he grew the Hardcore Closer page to over 150,000 fans just by running boosted posts on his own blog posts!

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