How to improve your SEARCH engine optimization – Evan and #AWeberChat – Lunch & Earn

Monica Montesa and I answer that question for you in this excerpt from our interview.

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  1. Luis Caminero says:

    Great advice! If you want people to engage with your content, it better be
    good content and not a computer generated one to only get views/visits.

  2. Monoperty says:

    So much to learn. Guess it will all sink in with experience 🙂 Thanks #BTA30

  3. RishyCup TV says:

    love the idea of using your video content to leverage other platforms! I’ve
    thought about doing this but haven’t yet. And as much as I’m sure the
    robots appreciate your attention ??? please write for humans people!

    • RishyCup TV says:

      +Evan Carmichael lol…i do and I dont…it can ware me out

    • Evan Carmichael says:

      +RishyCup TV lol love the Rishy work ethic 🙂 #BTA17

    • RishyCup TV says:

      +Evan Carmichael lol….because I’m barely keeping up with doing my 5
      videos a week lolzzz…i think it would be great though to eventually use
      the video content to blog. I also love to write…or maybe i will just
      write a book like evan!!

    • Evan Carmichael says:

      +RishyCup TV Why havent you start Rishy?? #BTA14 Nina

  4. JohnyFive ; Shorts says:

    love that, spreading the post into many mediums, a friend mentioned that

  5. Sam rock says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen many people take this approach to SEO. Many just
    associate as many search terms in relation to the content that is provided,
    as possible, instead of cherry picking appropriate terminology to best
    attract the right kind of clientelle/readers. Apply succinction and
    precision to the relatable content so you target the right audience. #BTA162

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