youtube video description SEO tips how to write best youtube video description

Dear friends!Now i am sharing with you Youtube description complete SEO tutorial for you in Urdu/Hindi language.The tutorial i am uploading for 2016/2017 so that you and all visitors can be expert on this field.Now i will teach you that how to write best youtube video description.Friends do you know that description is main part of video ranking.If your desription will coreect then youtube will understand about your video properly the remember youtube video description is very important for video ranking so watch the video and learn about youtube video description SEO tips.

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Friends!Learning time online provide you best video tutorials all about computer,mobile,internet,facebook ,androip and youtube earning course.As you know that now you are watching making money on youtube course as you know that in previous videos i have shared with you many videos about youtube earning course.Now we are continue our course in this video we will use right method for youtube description.I will tell you youtube description SEO tips and tricks.After watching the video tutorial you can write best youtube video description.If you are new then you can wtach this course previous videos now….
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