Professional SEO Training in Urdu / Hindi (Keywords Research) – Tutorial 2

Here is overview of this course :-

There are three main steps search engines take to decide which content should be promoted to the top of search results.

1. They visit your site to create an index of the content to understand what individual pages are about, as well as the overall subject of your site.2. They count links from other sites and blogs as “votes” on the quality of the content.

3. They count social shares – likes, tweets, etc. – as more “votes” for your content. Although search engine algorithms are a complex mix of hundreds of ranking factors, most aspects of search engine optimization fit in to one of these areas.

That’s why this Professional SEO Course concentrates on those three vital areas. By the end of the this seo course, you’ll be an expert in on-page SEO, link-building and getting the maximum amount of social shares for each piece of content you publish.

Best of all, by using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console (previously called Google Webmaster Tools), you’ll be able to see the success you’re having in bringing in extra visitors
and ranking for more keywords.

Note: Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with either of those tools, we’ll look at setting up and using both of them in a later Tutorials.


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