Albuquerque SEO ad Google’s Local 3-Pack Map

Wondering how to get your business to show at the top of the Google search page?

Have you noticed the local businesses featured when you search for something online?

Did you notice how easy it is for customers to find a business location in Google search?

This is all made possible by Google Map Local Pack. It is focused on featuring relevant businesses when online users searches for a product, service, or brand.

By localizing the search results, costumers can now access information about a business or company that is near their location. Google is keen on providing more accessible services for all users, thus helping local business gain the much needed exposure.

However, a shop or company must create a Google My Business or GMB in order for the search engine giant to rank the business accordingly.

There are several steps in establishing a GMB profile but the main focus are an accurate and current local business name, address, and phone number. These information will be verified by Google before they could rank the business.

Updated information and positive reviews from your customers could increase your chances of ranking better in the search page, and possibly land a spot in the 3-Pack.

Our SEO Albuquerque efforts could help you gain the much needed reviews to boost your GMB profile. Learn how by getting in touch with us…

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